Hennessey OK

I am often asked these questions by facility maintenance personnel.

  • What are some bleacher issues I can prevent?
  • What should I be looking for under the bleacher?
  • How often should we have you out to service our bleachers?

This post will answer some of the most glaring questions and provide you with a cheat sheet of a typical timeline for bleacher repairs. Keep in mind, timing can fluctuate depending on proper operation, use and ‘treatment’ by the spectator.

Daily/Prior to each use: Check for debris under the bleacher. Bottles, pens, gym supplies (beanbags, frisbees, whiffleballs, etc.) can get caught in the wheel channels. These objects can impede and even prevent the bleacher from smooth operation while opening and/or closing. This may cause the understructure to bind and operate unevenly. It is always a good idea to sweep/dustmop in front of the bleacher to remove dirt and small objects from being tracked underneath. This causes the wheels to wear more quickly and may cause damage to the finish of your gym floor or your motors.

Monthly: Sweep and Mop under the bleacher. Most facilities sweep in front of the stacked unit but neglect to get dirt, trash and other objects from beneath the entire unit. Dirt and other particles will cake on the wheel channel caster wheels. This leads to stripes on your gym floor finish and can gouge and pit the wheels reducing lifespan.

Every six (6) Months: Open the bleacher and walk beneath and check the tightness of bolts on the drive shafts. This shaft connects the motor to the drive wheels. The hardware can work loose over time and cause the drive shaft to wallow out. The gear box housing unit also needs to be checked for bolt tightness. These are all in the same area and a quick check with a wrench can save hundreds of dollars.

Every three (3) Years: We highly recommend a professional service. Our repair technicians will clean off the old grease at all the friction points throughout the understructure. New grease is applied and nuts and bolts are tightened or replaced. They check the understructure for irregularities and finally inspect and adjust the top side of the bleacher as well.

Just like regular oil changes will extend the life of your car or truck, this professional service will keep your telescopic bleacher running smoother longer – protecting your patrons and your investment.