Bleacher repairs and renovations are an integral part of Heartland Seating’s business and has been since 1991. Our service work helps us build long term relationships and renewal business with our customers.

Service Response – bleacher is down or not operating properly, need immediate response.

Repair and Service – Routine to heavy duty life cycle service and repairs. Our work includes “scope” description, so you know what to expect when we are finished.

Safety Inspections – Building Codes and Insurance companies are demanding them more routinely. Consumer Product Safety Guidelines also drive inspections. Inspections are a great tool for peace of mind in keeping the bleachers safe. Reports include written summary for code compliance to include pictures as needed to illustrate liability / risk management assessment, and recommended mechanical repairs needed, if any.

Code Improvements – Updating older bleachers to provide aisles with handrails and midsteps, guard rails to close off openings to be less than 4” sphere, and ADA Compliance for wheelchair spaces. These upgrades make the bleachers safer to use and prolongs their useful life.

We stock replacement parts from our manufacturers so that on-site repair jobs move quickly.

We repair all types of bleachers, not just the manufacturers we carry. Call us at (913) 268-0069 to schedule service

Beware of Yearly Expensive Maintenance Contracts

Are you paying for an annual maintenance contract? What are you really getting for your money? We are finding districts are spending $10,000 to $30,000 A YEAR!…and very surprised with how little they are getting in return once they take a closer look.

Then no money to do the true repair work that needs to be done. Our “annuals” only need to be done about every 3 years. Doing it more frequently is seldom warranted.

There has been a big money grab in the “annual bleacher service” business. Companies who know very little about bleacher repairs are pushing annual service programs with schools spending a lot of money…and getting very little in service.

Heartland Seating prides itself in assisting schools to keep their bleachers SAFE and operating properly. We have been servicing and doing life cycle renovations since 1991. Our crews are seasoned and knowledgeable veterans capable of repairs and retrofitting for all bleacher brands. Like with a car, proper maintenance and life cycle repairs can greatly extend a bleacher’s life. Where others provide a “clean and grease” level of service and greatly overcharge for it, Heartland Seating provides full service maintenance and repairs when the bleachers need it with no over-service or over-charging.

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